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Our Philosophy and Commitments

IT Staffing Commitment to Clients

1. Will if requested, provide references on candidates.
2. Will take reasonable steps to ensure candidates being submitted for consideration are suitable for the assignment, by obtaining and recording detailed information about the client’s requirement and by appropriate selection procedures, including, if necessary, skills testing.
3. Will provide clear terms of business related to candidates accepted for assignment.
4. Will submit detailed information relating to candidate being submitted and will only submit candidates for positions discussed with staffing firm.
5. Will establish a clear understanding on the procedures for submitting candidates details to client.
6. Will not deliberately attempt to recruite candidates which are currently working at client whether they are contractors or full-time employees.
7. Will keep confidential all information about a client except for the purpose of filling positions which the client has requested assistance in filling.
8. Will not send unsolicited details of candidates.

IT Staffing Commitment to Contractor Staff

1. Will treat contract staff with respect, dignity and personal information with the utmost confidentiality.
2. Will inform contractor about the procedures that are to be followed when submitting them for a position.
3. Will provide contracts/terms of assignment prior to the start of an assignment.
4. Will pay promptly and as specified in contract.
5. Will commit to pay arte without ambiquity.
6. Will transmit any relevant information provide by the client.
7. Will support and respond to the needs of the contract staff.
8. Will instruct contractor on how time sheets, invoices and expense reports (if necessary) should be completed and when they should be submitted.
9. Will always share all information possible about the client and what they are looking for.
10. Will build a relationship with the contract staff based on “TRUST”.

IT Staffing Commitment to Candidate for Permanent Placement

1. Will treat candidate with respect , dignity and personal information with confidentiality.
2. Will inform candidates of the procedure used in submitting them to clients.
3. Will not disclose any information which candidate has not authorized.
4. Will treat candidate information confidentially and only disclose information which has been authorized to potential employer.
5. Will provide details of the position for which candidate is being submitted for, as provided by the potential employer.
6. Will review candidates credentials and how they fit the position for which they are being submitted.
7. Will assist candidate in preparing resume to assure resume contains the details which qualify candidate for position.
8. Will represent candidate to the best of the staffing firms ability.


Until you have a face-to-face interview, your resume is a representation of you.. Even the best of resume’s have limitations. A resume cannot convey speech, appearance or body language, but it is an important part of getting to the face-to-face interview. Your resume is a sales document – it is important that you put it together with what you believe details your background and not an egotistical piece which may be pleasing to you. Resumes should be concise and clearly written - not only because they are easy for the prospective client to read, but because the resume serves as an example of your ability to collate and order information. If you cannot write a basic resume, the client will wonder what sort of Business Analyst, Project Manager, Quality Assurance, developer etc. you make. Sometimes, an agency like IT Staffing will reformat your resume into their style, and presents you to the client properly. The resume content may also be adjusted to meet the particular job requirement. This is a normal process, but should only be done with your approval. Always request a copy of your resume which the agency is submitting to the client. This way, when you get the interview, you will be looking at the same document the client is looking at.


When submitting your resume to an agency for consideration, it should be formatted as follows:


This should contain name, address, and contact information (Home number, cell number and email address)
• Education and Certifications
• Summary of your skills, core expertise and your years of experience.
• Technical Skills and years experience with each skill.
• List all positions in reverse chronological order.

Each position listed should have at minimum the following information
1. Company Name
2. Start and End Date
3. Position Title
4. Detailed description of what you did and applications you worked on.
5. Complete of technical skills used (Technical Environment).

Note: If you held different positions at a company then they should be identified separately.

It is important that you put the emphasis on your core skills and application experience as related to the position for which you are being submitted. It should be clearly written but not to the detail that it would mean nothing to someone who has not worked in the same environment Resumes should answer the questions, “where”, “when” and “how” regarding what you have done.


Every situation will be different because the person doing the interview has his/her own idea on how an interview should be conducted. Sometimes the candidate and interviewer will “click” in minutes and other times the chemistry just isn’t right even if you have the exact skills and experience required. Either way you will have an idea whether or not you will get the job once you complete the interview. The interview will show how well you present yourself, communicate and will let the interviewer understand your capabilities in the work place. Today, IT is becoming more business oriented and user-driven. Communication skills and interrelation capabilities are becoming more and more important Contractor interviews are different from permanent hire interviews because contractor’s interviews are based on the client needing the job done now and want someone that can hit the ground running. The interview can be as simple as asking a question and you respond with “Yes I have done this sort of work before and explain “when, “where” and “how”. THE MORE DETAILED THE ANSWER, THE BETTER. The nature of the interview depends on the nature of the position. If the job involves managerial responsibility, or a great deal of liaison with end users, the interviewer will more than likely probe deeper into your background and experience related to this.

Contractor Code of Ethics/Conduct

The following code is guidelines which all Professional Contractors should practice.
1. Contractor should only authorize that his/her credentials be presented to a potential client if they meet the technical requirements as explained to them.
2. Contractor should always inform the agency if they have been submitted to client recently or in the past.
3. Contractor understands and is obligated to accept the fact that a verbal acceptance of an assignment at the rate quoted is binding, providing the offer is confirmed in writing (email conformation of acceptance and rate) and will start the assignment on the date agreed upon.
4. Contractor will not expect a rate review before an initial 18 month period has been worked. Unless agreed in writing at the beginning of the assignment.
5. Contractor would only reasonably expect a rate increase if approved by the client to which he/she is assigned.
6. Contractor professionally should agree to short/long term extensions of contract if given reasonable notice of extension.
7. Contractor will accept and abide by client’s rules, regulations and practices which includes, dress code, etc.
8. Contractor must be punctual and make up any lateness or other lost time so long as it is approved by the client.
9. Contractor will submit time sheets accurately and in a timely manner as directed by Staffing Services Firm.
10. Contractor will submit accurate invoices in a timely manner to the Staffing Services Firm.
11. Contractor will not take any vacation during the first 6 months of the contract unless approved by the client prior to start of the contract. If contract is longer than 6 months, Contractor will not take more than 2 consecutive weeks vacation and will provide advanced notice ( at least 2 months) to the client and Staffing Services Firm.
12. Contractor will notify client and Staffing Services Firm if unable to report to work due to illness or personal time needed as soon as possible.
13. Contractor will perform work to the highest professional standards at all times (in line with industry standard practices) and comply with client’s policies and procedures in all aspects of the assignment.
14. Contractor will accept and professionally agree to the Staffing Services Firm and to the Client the following points.
• Proprietary rights, intellectual rights, copy rights of all code, etc rests with client.
• Maintaining confidentiality on all relevant matters, the assignment, client’s business, during and after the assignment.
• Acting in the clients best interest and keep client informed of any problems or opportunities that should be communicated to the client using the proper channels.
• On termination/completion of contract agree to return all property and documentation belonging to the client.
• If requested by client (Project Manager) provide a written activity/progress report whenever requested.
15. If requested to travel or expenses are incurred on behalf of the client (approved), the claims for these expenses must be well documented and have receipt back-up submitted for reimbursement in form acceptable by client and the Staffing Services Firm. These expenses should be submitted to Staffing Services Firm for submission to client in order for reimbursement by Staffing Services Firm.
16. Contractor must professionally agree not to disclose or discuss the terms of the assignment or rates with any of the clients, staff, client, other contractors or agencies.
17. Contractor will not use any software that is not approved by client, add any hardware/devices to client equipment, never transmit client information to personal email or copy any information belonging to client.





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