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We specialize in addressing the staffing needs of the technology sector. Many leading organizations have built their core Information Technology teams and often look to augment these teams with additional staff. IT Staffing, Inc. specializes in meeting the human capital demands of these leading organizations.

Our Business Development Managers work with business and technology leaders to understand their current and future strategies in managing their technical talent. Our value is in the recruitment and retention of technical talent. This is an essential activity, which allows our clients to meet their business objectives.

We believe that the core areas of characterization that are essential to success are:


Many consultants are capable of meeting the business and technology needs of the client, but often fail because they are not profiled properly for the culture of the company. Many times these cultural dynamics are driven by the parent company, which may be owned and operated in a foreign country. For this reason we try to understand the dynamics of the business cultures of our clients.


We understand that each client's business is dependent upon leveraging industry specific advantages. In order to do so it is usually essential for the technology staff to possess experience and knowledge in the client's specific industry sector. We look to identify those individuals that have developed a core of industry specific knowledge.


In many complex environments it is not only the technology that is important, but also the means in which the technology is applied. The most successful consultants can demonstrate an acute awareness and understanding of the functional mechanics of complex environments. To ensure success we look to understand the functional characteristics of the client's environment.


Usually, there are clear specifications of technical requirements. We look to understand in the most comprehensive fashion the technical needs of our clients. These requirements usually range from operating systems, databases, network infrastructure, third party applications to specific development tools and languages. As technology infrastructures rapidly change we are prepared to deliver a stable stream of leading edge talent.


We have found that the most talented individuals take great pride in their work and accomplishments. When they are considering new opportunities, their specific roles and responsibilities are very important to them. For this reason we try to clearly understand and define these roles and responsibilities with our clients. This is an essential step in delivering the proper talent.


Our delivery model is based on leveraging technology and process. With this we look to enhance efficiency and thoroughness. Through a series of strategic relationships we have created access to over a million information technology candidates. The access to this candidate pool is highly automated. We utilize advanced search methodologies and parsing algorithms to narrow our selection pool. This process affords great efficiency and depth of recruiting.

Upon selection we initiate our validation process. The validation process is inclusive of competency testing, suitability matching, reference checking and background checking. In addition to our standard validation process, we customize our processes according to our client's specifications.


Our staff is highly experienced in the areas of business and information technology. Our Business Development Managers have come through the ranks of information technology. They have an acute understanding of the business impact of technology. Our expertise spans the disciplines of network architecture, infrastructure support, applications development and systems integration. We are also knowledgeable in the areas of business intelligence, knowledge management and application integration. We try our best to keep up-to-date with the latest technological innovations and initiatives.



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